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Welcome to CrossFit Change.

As the first and only accredited CrossFit gym in Habersham County, GA, we focus on improving overall fitness through proper mechanics, consistency, intensity, and community.  

We teach proper movement and technique, which is consistently coached in order to improve your overall performance.

CrossFit Change classes are small group sessions that allow coaches to give you the individual attention you need, in a group setting. Leave your ego at the door and bring your positive attitude to get fit. Your size, age, gender, skill level, etc. is not as important as your desire to become a better version of you.  

Workouts are scaled for any and all fitness levels.  The most elite athlete and the complete beginner will benefit from our training during the same session. This is the beauty of the CrossFit methodology.

At CrossFit Change we will always have a workout prepared for you. Our coaches will always be a certified CrossFit trainer and lead all classes, guiding you through the workout.  And you will always get a great workout.  Each client gets personal trainer attention, without the personal trainer price.

CrossFit Change
620F Stonecypher St
Cornelia, GA  30531

FRI 9/19/14 WOD

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Friday 9/19/14

Skill – Front Rack Mobility – 2 min each / Banded Squat Hold – 1 Min – rest 30 sec – 1 Min

Strength – Front Squat – 20 Min to 1 RM (Compare to 7/18/14)


15 Abmat Sit ups
3 Rope Ascents to 15′
20 Pistols (10 alternating each leg)

3 Rounds for Time

THU 9/18/14 WOD

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Thursday 9/18/14

Skill – Empty Bar 5 DL / add 10#-20# 4 DL / add 10#-20# 3 DL / add 10#-20# 2 DL

Strength – Deadlift – 20 Min to 1RM (Compare to 7/10/14)

WOD Compare to 5/30/14

10 Handstand Push ups
10 Power Snatch 95/65#
10 Box Jumps 30/24″

3 Rounds for Time

WED 9/17/14 WOD

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Wednesday 9/17/14

Skill – Shoulder Mobility / Running Mobility

WOD “Smokin” (Compare to 9/17/13)

5 Pull ups
200m Run

15 Rounds for Time

FRI 9/12/14 WOD

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Friday 9/12/14

Skill – Lacrosse to lat – 1 min each / Empty Bar – 5 Sh. Press/4 PP /3 PJ – 2 Rounds

Strength – Push Jerk – 20 Min to 3RM (Compare to 7/7/14)


3 Ground to Overhead 155/105#
5 Strict Pull ups
10 Rounds for Time

THU 9/11/14 WOD

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Thursday 9/11/14

Skill – Rope Wrap Practice – 5 Minutes


10 Push ups (H.O.D)
20 Abmat Sit ups
4 Rounds
5 Burpees (feet to plate) 45/25#
10 Ground to Overhead 45/25# plate
8 Rounds
6 Pull ups
12 Squats
10 Rounds
For Total Time

WED 9/10/14 WOD

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Wednesday 9/10/14

Skill – 10 sec singles / 10 sec running singles / 10 sec double unders – 3 Rounds / Posterior Roller 2 Min


400m Run
3 Deadlift 275/185#
6 Strict Ring Dips
9 Toes  to Bar
10 Rounds for Time
800m Run
For Total Time

TUE 9/9/14 WOD


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.25.14 AM

Tuesday 9/9/14

Skill – Couch stretch – 2 min each / Banded ankle lunge – 1 min each 

Strength – Back Squat – 20 Min to 5RM (Compare to 7/8/14)


100 ft. Walking Lunge 45/25# (hold any way possible)
200m Sprint
5 Rounds for Time

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The list below represents a small portion of the excuses, that I’ve heard since opening CrossFit Change when people are considering merging into a Paleo (what humans are built to eat) lifestyle.

I can’t give up my cheese, ice cream, milk, etc…

I can’t go without my cream and sugar in my coffee…

It’s too expensive to eat like this…

I can’t find anything that I like to eat…

My husband/wife/kids refuse to eat this way…

I’m always hungry when I eat clean…

I never feel satisfied when I eat Paleo…

I’ve been eating clean and it hasn’t done much for me…

Red meat and animal fat causes heart disease…

We can’t live without “carbs” (carbs defined as grains, starch and pasta)…

I’m sure the above comments don’t represent all arguments and I know your circumstance is unique to the universe but I HAVE A SUGGESTION…GIVE IT A TRY!!!

Do you look the way you want to look?  Do your clothes fit the way you want them to fit?  Do you feel the way you want to feel, full of energy and vitality?  If I could offer you a pill that cost $50 that would help you look and feel the way you want, would you buy it?  

Strong, fit and healthy would be the norm in our society if it were easy to achieve.  I dare say that many of us would find $50 (a month if necessary) to feel great and live disease free.  So why won’t we try an 8 week paleo challenge that cost $50?  Because it takes education, effort, planning, facing your fears, and a willingness to endure a bit of inconvenient discomfort.  Let’s do some math…8 weeks, 7 days in a week equals 56 days of the Lurong Lifestyle Paleo Challenge.  $50 divided by 56 day comes to approximately 89 cents a day…okay, I’ll round up to 90 cents a day.  

So let’s think about this.  For less than $1 a day, you have access to paleo education, a list of foods that fit and don’t fit in the paleo lifestyle and some accountability / support along the way.  Why would we not invest 8 weeks to see if we can make a positive change in our lives, when most of us have spent the majority of our lives slowly poisoning ourselves with processed foods and sugar.  

I’m no different than you, I’ve spent most of my life eating food that is not real food…it tastes goooooood and makes my yummy tummy smile.  I’m not here to judge.  If we don’t have the tools or access to the information, how can we know what is right and wrong?  Once we have been given an opportunity to make a change and we decide not to try, then we have made a decision to be sick…we are as much to blame as the circumstances we grew up in and the culture that has given us false information.  Let’s educate ourselves and attempt to make a change.  If we stumble, or even fail, that failure is more noble than a refusal to try.  Cowards are those who refuse to try, not those who fail while giving their best effort.

If you are completely satisfied with your strength, body composition, and your metabolic conditioning, don’t change a thing, but if you want to improve in any or all of those categories….GIVE IT A TRY!