How to Get Started!

New To CrossFit 

Step 1 – Contact us for a one on one Free Consultation.
Send us an email – or
Give us a call – Carolyn – 706 949 5949 or Jeff – 706 949 9556.
We will set up a time to meet with you.  We will  introduce you to CrossFit Change, our philosophy, our community and our mission to guide you down the path to a healthier you.  We just need 30 min of your time to open the door to a healthier life.  

Step 2 – Complete 5 sessions of our Foundations Class.
 This class cost $250, consists of 5 personal training sessions and is offered at a day and time that works for you.  In these sessions you will be taught how to safely perform the foundational movements that are essential to the CrossFit program.  Each class will end with a short, but intense workout to allow you to acclimate to the training style and prepare you for the Group WODs. 
 Experienced CrossFitters
Contact us about joining in on a class if you have previous experience with CrossFit. $15 drop in rate.