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A few class time adjustments for next week!

First of all, we will be having classes next week at CrossFit Change. In our continuing efforts to provide a safe environment we are altering the evening time slots slightly. Our evening classes will meet at 4pm, 5:30pm and 7pm. You will find these changes on the sign up slots. These changes are to help with the number of people in the gym during class transitions. We are busy cleaning and sanitizing this weekend and we really appreciate everyone doing their part to clean the equipment and also being conscience of spreading out during class so as to minimize contact. We are definitely a stronger, better community when we come together and practice prudent steps to live our lives while maintaining our mental and physical fitness. Please sign up for classes and only come to a class you have signed up for to make sure that we are doing what we can to limit the spread while continuing to work on improving our fitness.


If you haven’t joined our private CrossFit Change Facebook group, please consider doing so as it is the quickest way to get information out to you without the limitations of the remind app.

Looking toward the coming weeks. PLEASE READ!!!

Please Read: First of all, thank you all for your support and friendship. CrossFit Change is not just a business, we truly feel like it is an extended part of our family. We want to insure you that in the coming weeks we will do our very best to keep the doors of CrossFit Change open to allow an opportunity for you to get away from the grind of this current world we live in. It is important to us that we are clear about the coming potential of the effects of COVID-19 on our daily lives. We are all responsible for making our decisions in the places we go and the things we do. We respect your autonomy and ask that you practice a level of caution that protects you and those you encounter. As we continue to keep our doors open we ask that each of you exercise caution in deciding whether you come to CrossFit Change to take part in our awesome community. If you have contact with a high-risk group…if you plan on visiting others in the high-risk groups…or if you feel out of sorts (achy, sore throat, dry cough, fever) please refrain from coming to the gym until you are symptom free. There may come a time when we are forced to close our doors, but until that time, you can help us stay open for business and decrease the spread of this current virus by practicing awareness and caution while making your daily decisions.

Beginning Monday, March 23rd, we will implement the following policies and class changes in hopes to achieve our goals of health and wellness while maximizing our “race to fitness”:
• We will take the temperature of everyone who comes to class with a laser thermometer (takes just a second). Anyone with a temp at or above 100 degrees will not take part in classes. Hopefully if you have a high temp or feel yucky, you will make the decision to stay home and get better.
• We will limit class size to 9 people and use SignUp Genius for sign ups (more details to come on signing up online). This is not a huge issue with most classes but we do often have 15 – 20 people in our 5:40pm class. This may require a bit more planning on your part when preparing for your week of workouts.
• We will add the following classes to our daily schedule to help offer more opportunities (until further notice):
o M/T/W/Th/Fri – 7am
o M/T/W/Th/Fri – 6:50pm (this class currently meets on T/Th/F)
o Noon OPEN GYM remains available on Tue / Thu
• We will continue programming the at home workouts (at least for the near future) for those who are not able to make it to the gym.

Hopefully, these policies will increase your opportunities to come to class in a less crowded environment where we can enjoy each other as we get a great work-out and take an opportunity to relieve the stress that comes with the current world we live in.

The above policies are an attempt to increase the safety of our members while allowing you to continue on your fitness journey. We realize that this may be inconvenient for you and require a bit more effort to come to class. The alternative is shutting our doors…and quite frankly, if we miss a month or two of revenue…the doors will remain shut because we will likely be out of business. We have faith that all will work out the way it should and look forward to meeting whatever challenges we face with you, our CrossFit Change family.