SAT 9/22/18 Strength – Front Squat – OPEN GYM – Partner WOD

Warm Up
250m Row
200m Run
Sampson Stretch Walking Lunge
Side Lunge
1 Min Pride Squat
10 Goblet Squats
Empty Bar Work
Front Rack Elbow Raises
Front Rack 10 sec Pride Squat (5 Reps)
Front Squats (5 Reps)
2 Rounds

Front Squat
1 x 10
1 x 7
1 x 5
5 x 5 

Hamstring Raises (with weight if possible)
3 x 10

GHD Sit ups
3 x 10

Back Rack Walking Lunge
3 x 10

Only one partner can work at a time.
Break up reps any way you want.
Each partner runs the 800m. Clock stops when both partner has completed the run.

50 Goblet Squat 55/35# L2-45/25# L1-35/15#
60 Box Jumps 24/20″ L2-20/16″ L1-16/12″
60 H.O.D Push ups
50 Pull ups L2-Banded L1-Ring Rows
100 Double unders L2-50 DUs L1-200 Single unders
800m Run
For Time