MON 3/5/18 WOD

Warm UP
2 Laps
30 sec singles
5 Squats
5 sit ups
30 sec Running Singles
2 Rounds
Bear Crawl
30 sec Double unders
10 PVC Pass Thrus
5 Push ups
5 Pull ups
2 Rounds
Movement Prep
5 Reps of each Movement
2 Rounds

WOD – Tabata Style – 8 rounds of each with 1 Min rest between movements
**Calorie Bike** – All levels
** Wall Ball Shots** L3-20/14# L2-16/12# L1-14/10#
**Double unders** L3-DUs L2-DUs L1-Singles
**Calorie Row** – All Levels
**Pull ups** L3-Pull ups L2-Banded L1-Ring Rows
**Handstand Push ups** L3-HSPU L2-Modified L1-HOD Push ups
For Total Reps