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Body fat test

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Here is the link to sign up for body fat test on October 8th. The time slots are every 12 minutes and will start at 8am. You will pay the day of the test.

If you’ve ever wanted to get started on a plan to make real progress, or want to get back on track, getting your body fat tested in the hydrostatic tank is a great way to precisely benchmark your fitness. Getting dunked takes just 10 minutes, and afterward, you’ll get a detailed report to keep, showing:

Your analysis will include a four-page report showing:

Your body fat and lean mass percentages and weights

How your percentage body fat compares to others

How much fat, if any, needs to be lost in order to reach your composition goals

Basal metabolic rate—how many calories/day you burn without exercising

Personal caloric intake and expenditure chart—how many calories/day you burn when doing various exercises and activities

Historical readings and progress, if more than one test has been taken

Toys 4 Tots Partner WOD 2015

We want to thank all of our CrossFit Family and our neighbors from CrossFit 754, CrossFit 441 and CrossFit BEMA for taking part in the Toys 4 Tots Partner WOD.  It was great fellowship and we accrued lots of toys thanks to the generous support of our CrossFit Community.

Thank you to those that participated and supported this worthy cause.  Great work and a job well done.

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Tomorrow 9am to 10am Free Class!


Tomorrow from 9am to 10am we are offering a FREE CLASS for anyone NEW TO CROSSFIT.  Spread the word and let’s pack CrossFit Change with newcomers.  

For those who are joining us for our Open House, please park in the gravel lot across the street and show up around 8:45am so we can meet you and fill out the waiver.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Sign up for the Greenville Games!

Greenville Games – Crossfit Reaction
The 2013 Greenville Games will be held on Saturday, July 13th at the Piedmont Athletic Complex. The 2013 edition will feature three workouts over the course of one day. The top athletes from the three workouts will go head-to-head in a forth and final workout to determine the winners of the Games.
We would love to take a big group to Greenville and enjoy the day together.  Check out the link below for information:

Fittest of the Foothills

Best representation of any CrossFit affiliate at the competition.

Best representation of any CrossFit affiliate at the competition.


Carolyn and I just want to thank all of the athletes and supporters that traveled to CrossFit Pickens in SC yesterday to take part in the Fittest of the Foothills competition.  We are proud to be your coaches and proud to be a part of the CrossFit Change family.  I’m always amazed how CrossFit transcends individual differences and brings our common threads to bare.  Great job everyone…and now…back to work.


Nothing says Christmas like a face full of sap...Merry fingers are still sticky.

Nothing says Christmas like a face full of sap…Merry Christmas…my fingers are still sticky.

2013 Burpees to Start 2013

Come join us on the first day of 2013 and let’s get more work done than most people do all year.  Before you decide that we are crazy….too late?….anyway, here are the rules:

  1. Anyone and everyone (you, your family, friends if you have any) is welcome to come join in at no extra charge.
  2. As a group we will accumulate 2013 burpees…so the more that come, the fewer each person has to do.
  3. We will begin at 11:00am and when we are finished we will EAT and enjoy each others company.  Everyone brings enough to feed their group, paleo or not, and we share in what many would call a covered dish social.
  4. You are required to have a good attitude and enjoy the company of others.

Let’s do a little math with some examples of participation:

  • My family of 6 are the only to show up:  Me, Carolyn, and all 4 kids will do 335 burpees…surely you wouldn’t do that to the children.
  • 20 fine people show up to take part in the community bonding:  That’s 100 each…see, that’s not so bad.
  • Dare to dream we have 30 devoted souls come and participate:  What!? only 67 each…that’s barely a challenge
  • Okay, 50 people show:  40 Burpees each…come on…don’t fear what makes you better.

You get the idea…the more suckers…I mean friends and family you bring, the easier it will be on everyone collectively.  We currently have 30+ members…if you each bring someone…that makes 60 people…

We can do this and have a great time.  Let’s share the first day of the year.  Come join in and let’s commit ourselves to a healthier 2013.

Reply to comments and let us know if you are in, and how many people you can bring.