I have finally added the rest of the names to our giving tree so there are a lot more needs. I am already blown away by the generosity and heartfelt kindness that many of our CF Change peeps have already shown. This family is really dear to my heart and I would love for them to be blessed by us on Christmas.

(I can’t talk about this because it makes me cry)… But last week I picked up the 11 yr old girl to go pay their rent and the 4 yr. old came with us. She got into my car and had a big piece of cloth full of something. I asked her what she had and she said it was coins. She wanted to know if I could take her to a change machine to get bills. She said her dad didn’t have enough money…It makes me so sad that an 11 yr. old should have to worry about money for their family. They are so sweet and deserving. I know they pay all their bills on time because I take them every month. They always offer to give me money for the rides and sometimes a treat from the hispanic grocery store. They even remembered my birthday and had a present for me!

If you feel like you can help out please take a name (or several) off the tree. If you would rather give money that is perfectly fine as well. We will take the gifts after our Christmas eve WOD.

Thank you so much for being a part of our Crossfit Change family and helping to change lives. Jesus tells us to help the poor and together we can do this in a big way!!!